You're too smart 
to be this busy.

Instead of running in circles, 

take your next step with

Executive Coach 
Andrew Mellen.

In as few as 30 minutes,

The Most Organized Man
in America

can help you get your life back. 

Andrew Mellen is an authority trusted by....

Want a quick taste of what it's like to work with Andrew?


Schedule a 30-minute power session

and leave with up to 3 immediately actionable takeaways.


Are you sick and tired of constant interruptions and distractions?

Do you feel like all you do is put out other people's fires?


When you finally get a free moment, do you struggle to prioritize your work?


Do you feel like you are working alone, even if you have a team?


At the end of the week, did you finish what you thought you would?


Are you sick and tired of constant interruptions, distractions
and losing your focus?


Are you frustrated by your failed attempts to change and with each failure
you feel like you're just getting further behind?


Does it sometimes feel like you're pushing a giant rock up a hill all by yourself?



Coach you to quickly build new, productive habits that last.


Give you instantly actionable takeaways for fast results.


Troubleshoot your thinking with a fresh perspective.


Share brain hacks and other tricks to maximize your focus.


Hold you accountable to make sure you stay on track.


Coach you to solve your unique challenges that you've struggled with for years.


Give you instantly actionable takeaways that build good habits.


Hold you accountable so you don't let yourself off the hook.

Meet Andrew Mellen, executive coach and productivity expert.

You’re probably here because you’re feeling overwhelmed.


You may start your day thinking
today will be different 

and by the end of the day

feel like things have only gotten worse

or farther behind.


You need help.


If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place.


Andrew has spent 20+ years
working with people just like you
to get their time AND their lives back.


His coaching will give you the tools you need
to finally set yourself free

from the 7 Deadly Time Thieves.


How many of these are currently stealing your time?

                                      ✔​  Interruptions

                                      ✔​  Overcommitting

                                      ✔​  Multi-tasking

                                      ✔​  Poor Planning

                                      ✔​  Email

                                      ✔​  Meetings

                                      ✔​  Procrastination


Andrew is leading a global movement of people
and businesses calling Bullshi*t on Busy™.

This is your chance to work with him.


Starting today, you can have laser-sharp focus

and record-smashing results.

Or settle for disorganization, 'shiny object' syndrome

and constant interruptions.


Which choice gets you closer to your goals?


He's had the privilege of helping over 100,000 people

get clarity and get their lives back.


Isn't it time you let him help you, too? 


You had the most amazing impact on our PricewaterhouseCoopers team, giving them valuable, real-life time management tools.


You truly changed their story about their day-to-day challenges, expertly coaching them from ‘busy’ to ‘effective.’


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jenifer Madson

Mindful Leaders Academy

Andrew’s coaching has been very beneficial to our sales team. In April we broke an all-time sales record. Then in May, we broke that record by $70,000.


Nothing that I’ve ever attended has been nearly as useful or productive as the initial planning session.


And the information that we got from Andrew can be applied by anybody in any business setting.


If somebody called me and asked me if I should do business with Andrew, I would say absolutely 100%. 


If you’re the decision-maker, make that decision.

Casey Nelson

Integrity Insurance Agency

“Andrew Mellen coached me build sustainable daily habits so I could get and stay organized.


No gimmicks—just simple, tangible tools I use every day for amazing results!”

Patricia Mills

Special Education Adminstrator

Andrew provided powerful insight, sound advice and effective strategies that I was able to implement with ease.


Coaching with Andrew is about more than just getting organized and time management, it’s about understanding how your values align with those around youand how to honor those values to increase harmony, balance, and effectiveness at work and home.


A very freeing experience and the outcomes are far greater than I expected.


Thank you, Andrew! Everyone could benefit from his guidance!

Angela Gaffney

Essential Health & Wellness

You have the passion, drive, and stamina to make things happen.

What you’re missing is the ability to keep pace with your vision.

Things fall through the cracks.

Or you work until midnight.

You delegate and then micro-manage your team.

Or don’t delegate because you think you can do it faster. Or better. Or both.

And you believe the lie that says this is what paying dues must feel like.


You can get the results you want.


Working with Andrew is fun, fast, and interactive.


You will learn while doing so the 7 Deadly Time Thieves

are eliminated—and never return.


The media calls Andrew, “The Most Organized Man in America,” and after one session with him, you'll understand why.

Working with Andrew is simple:

  1. Select a coaching session + make your payment.
  2. Schedule your session on Andrew’s calendar.
  3. Get ready for success!

On-site + virtual coaching sessions are available.

For on-site sessions outside the NYC metro area, travel is an additional cost.


  • Stop multitasking and stay focused longer

  • Leverage the technology already in your pocket

  • Free yourself from clutter and disorganization

  • Minimize interruptions and end distractions

  • Stop wasting money on duplicate purchases

  • Learn the secret to stop procrastinating


When you get coached by Andrew, you get things done fast.


This is not talk therapy—you'll actually work during your sessions with him.


From email to digital files,

and from overcommitting to procrastination,

you’ll get the help you need to get your life back now.


Private Coaching with Andrew Mellen

Andrew Mellen has changed my life.


He offers just the right combination of encouragement and tough love to help anyone find balance within the overwhelm of modern life.


You will definitely change habits that are holding you back from happiness.

Susan Piver

Open Heart Project

In working with Andrew’s science of time management, I feel closer than I ever have to balancing ‘reality’ and my creative life as a writer and solopreneur. 


When you are ready for it, this work will change your life—in part because it drives home the message that only you can change your life.

Andrew provides you with the teachings, tools, and techniques that make deep change possible and sustainable.

Stacey Engels

Writer + Solopreneur

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Here's a secret: when it comes to clutter, it’s never the stuff—it’s always the stuff behind the stuff that keeps you stuck.


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